Asleep in the Bread Aisle (Review)

So a week later, here is my review. I know its late but I wanted to wait until I bought the actual CD. (yes, I stil buy CDs)

Here it is …

Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Asleep in the Bread Aisle

The overall album is pretty dope IMO! After listening to it for a few times, I have come to the conclusion that Asher sound like Travis from Gym Class Heroes with a little dose of Em. But I don’t mean to compare him, Asher is really unique. He is one of first new artists that I can relate to that have debuted in a while. (besides Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi). Also as a college student, this album offers an array of songs me or anyone else can vibe with. Beisdes “I Love College”, the rest of the album is deep and lyrically impressive. My favorite tracks include:

  • I Love College
    – need I say more
  • La Di Da
    – Trying to zone out and overcome obstacles? Just say La Di Da Da Da.. over!
  • Be By Myself
    – Asher walks us through the live of a “free bird”. Why give in to commitment, when you still young? “I gotta be by myself..” (>_> easy for you to say… if she wants to be my lady, I won’t hate)
  • She Don’t Wanna Man
    – If you are guy who goes to clubs and try to dance, you should know all about this…. The moment you try to dance with her… “Ain’t looking for no man, I just came here to dance.” .. You know the ones that dance in the middle of the floor, and move if you get too close.. <_<… that’s why I don’t even bother…. I can dance better by myself anyway… lol ^_^
  • Bad Day- Great song…I feel the same way on a bad day… (everyday, nothing goes my way)
  • His Dream
    – Deep track- I believe this track is about his dad’s original dream. Asher is keeping his dad’s dream alive by leaving his own dream.
  • Fallin
    – Favorite Track-  Walks you through Asher’s life and road to where he is today..

Like I said before, It is DOPE. Go support Asher Paul Roth!

Other notes:

Asher is Philly Suburb Native; therefore we share location roots

– Asher Roth is a sick name …

Asteroth means prince of hell and he is also a Marvel super hero

Asher Roth is pretty close in terms of pronounciation ..

Final Note:

HE is coming here to Penn State on Thursday , and RAM SQuad will open for him. HOW DOPE IS THAT!?!?!?!!

(>_< more to come on that of course, Hopefully I get an autograph ^_^)

peace (-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on April 28, 2009.

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