Pokemon Pikachu

HAHA. Just ordered one for $20..It is on way this week, just in time for my birthday… I know you wondering why does a 22 year purchasing this but I just couldn’t resist getting a new one. I used to have the old yellow one. This one is new and in COLOR.

I am overly excited. <_<

peace (-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pokemon Pikachu”

  1. hi im carlos and im 20 and i just order one and now i hev it…bu8t i dont no what to do ,…..im fan of pokemon but icant feed him ..and the watss keeps desapearing from one day to another is it normal???? please tell me and what can i do ….cause im getting bored bay

    • Here are the instructions :

      To feed:
      1. go to the gift icon
      2. press the big button
      3. give gift
      4. enter amount
      5. done

      play mini game
      1. go to coin icon
      2. press big button

      the watts don’t reset but the steps do on a 24 hr basis. to see your watts go the gift icon.

      hope that helps

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