Sonic and Black Knight Re-visted

WOW.. This game is too short.. I beat it in 3 hrs….<_< and I am normally the type to speed through games.

On the other hands, It seems this game has received alot of mixed views. For example, Gamespot Review.

I kinda agree with this but I still found it interesting maybe because I love Sonic and speed… But otherwise, for me to beat this game in 3hrs says alot, there is definetly a lack of gameplay.

Hardest part for me: Final Boss (for the same reason gamespot mentioned in Boss Fights)

Overall, like I said before, this game was like a one night stand (quick hit it and quit it) and it can’t beat the greatness of the Sonic and the Secret Rings…Let the speed mend it.

Also.. why am I Sir Gawain.. <_<

Oh, yea.. Soundtrack = booo

Here is the best song from the game

Deep Woods

Sonic and the Secret Rings FTW

Let the speed mend it


Back to my normal day job, guarding this here Master Emerald

…..nobody stops Knuckles Feet…….

~ by bboydomo on March 13, 2009.

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