New Facebook o_O!!??

I don’t even want to talk about it. All I can say is WHY?!?!. It was fine before. I will just post a list of things that is wrong with new facebook.

1. Right Sidebar on the Newsfeed is too cluttered now with all the random highlights

2. Newsfeed post are too big..I feel overwhelmed with all of these big post in my face.. BLAM

3. No ability to control what you see on the Newsfeed. You can filter it based on friends but not on post type (photos, wall postings) I don’t want to read a wall post sent from one of my friend to another friend. Before it was fine, but now that the whole thing is displayed and not abridged it becomes a issue (not to mention the BLAM factor)

4. Personal Peeve- My status is no longer stationary at the top of my NewsFeed.

5. No option to switch back

*sigh* now, that everything you do will be posted on my NewsFeed, I will have spend time to choose who I don’t care to hear from by using the new “hide” feature. Good feature, I guess since it will become useful now.

That’s it.. I swear if it wasn’t for the status update and the strong user base, I would delete my Facebook..Oh well, get over it.

” All Mavericks will suffer.”

~ by bboydomo on March 13, 2009.

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