Walls of my Future Home

I have an idea (feel free to copy but cite me)

When I get a house (sometime in the far future), I will paint Sonic the Hedgehog level maps on my ways. I think it will look awesome. This can be done with other 2d side scrollers (I just prefer sonic).

Note: This might be a time intensive project. Unless you have cash to pay an artist, I suggest you do it on your own (I am an Artist). Even doing it yourself, I may consider only do one section of the level to add more emphasis and cut time in half.

Anyway, if you plan to look into such an idea, have fun!

Here are some examples of levels maps:

Sonic and Knuckles > Mushroom Hill Zone

Sonic 2- Chemical Plant zone

Pretty In- Depth huh o_O!!?? lol

Check them all out here

….and oh about the videos… youtube is being annoying again..I will post them asap <_<.

peace v(-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on March 9, 2009.

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