True to its Name (Padded Room Review)


Overall: 4.4/5

Good: It’s Joey being real as usual

Bad: Better production could have helped. Also, to the non Joey fans this may seem depressing (as expected from Joey, I don’t mind but to the average listener, it would feel like a drag.)

Track by Track:

1. Now I Lay

Strong Intro. “Now I lay me down to sleep, and I pray the lord my soul to keep”

2. The Future ft. The Game

Hook kinda drags but I like the futuristic beat. Overall, good collaboration of Joey and The Game. No more beef

3. If I Gotta Go

Not a fan of the production on this track but the lyrics kept it alive.

4.Don’t Make me

I like the 80’s feel in this song. Strong Lyrics. “Does it matter what he got in stores, if they took broke to buy it.”

5. Blood on the Wall

Typical Go- hard Joey Flow that I love. ” I write I only fear Joe in blood” (my name is Joe lol)

6. In my Sleep

One of my favorite songs on the album. Creatively takes you through Joey’s mind. Reall!

7. Exxxes

Discusses his exxxes. Real but I’m not feeling the overall composition

8. Couldn’t Help it

I think he touches on the Gloria Velez situation and others as well but not sure. Once again, this track drags a little too much.

9. Adrenaline

Awesome! There is something about Joey and rock beats. Sounds so amazing. Instead of Wayne doing a rock album, I think Joey should. “But even in my careless, gotta be careful… Meet me at the top like a butterfly knife.”

10. Happy Holidays.

I  can vibe with this. I feel the same at times, don’t see the necessity to change for the Holidays. “Everyday is the same to me.”

11. Do Tell

This is how the real tracks should feel. Doesn’t drag on at all. Real talk. Similar to “If I should die tomorrow” (Mood Musik 2)

12. Angel in my Life

By now, you can tell that the album has the depressant feeling as eluded to by the album title. This is Joey on his depressing -ish. I guess he needs an Angel in his life. I like it

13. Pray for me

Another real (slightly depressed) track. This takes you between a conversation between God and Joey. Joey questions God’s action but it ends with a sense of hope in the future

Bonus: Family Reunion Remix

No words for this. It was not needed. Lol, at least the beat sounds like the atmosphere at a family reunion. Original was better

Overall, this album would not move much in the stores but I don’t care. This is Joey being Joey and I like it. It’s real but only downside is the draggy beats.

Recommendation: More production by Dub B. Dub B is fresh. I think Joey and Dub B combos are the best. Klasix is off and on at times. Maybe some big name producers could have helped but it may have been label issues. ( I don’t know)

wateva, listen for yourself

peace v(-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on February 25, 2009.

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