Getting into the Awkwardness!!

Follow my thoughts as I listen to it (for the 6th time)…

– Well isn’t this Awkward *warning*  This could be awkward. <_<

Cinematic Hallucinations

– I just wanna see your face again. I just wanna be where we can spend time meeting each other getting to know what we need to know.


– Get OVER HERE *Scorpion voice*…..You should be here with me babe, Don’ t you know drive me crazy.Gotta give it to you like that so you can feel it. I said I really want you baby lol…awkwardddd


– Baby slow down…..To be close to your heart always…..You take me out of this world, I live in never, neverland. you gonna always be my girl in never, neverland. Let me take you to the sky and never never land, baby hold my hand , I can be your man and make you understand…

Romantic Vents

– You can tell me wats buggin u and I’ll tell u about me.. You should tell me your deepest thoughts and Im gonna make it easy. Your eyes steady talking and you are trying to hide, nothing worth hiding, we can find heaven and we can work together. (It’s not that easy)

RE-ANNA <- well isn’t this obvious

– RE-Answer my question, can love be destiny… Got me feeling like a RE-tard if we in the same class

– Girlfriend, tell me you like me, tell me you love me like you’re my girlfriend.. tell me you need me, life is too easy cause your my girlfriend.. ur my only lover, don’t need another but you not even my girlfriend lol

You Too

– My sole purpose is to reach the Sol the S-U-N . Never felt this so good in so long

Tengo Una Pregunta

– Life keep asking so many questions..Nothing should bothering me but it all does… y some many questions

Psycho B*tch

– I don’t like your boyfriend, baby. I’m jealous because he got you. I don’t have a girlfriend because every other girl is simply not you. I’m psychotically cute, lol nice choice of words. Charles Hamilton, u gotta say it mad cute. This beat is ugly.

The Penthouse Elevator

– I’m gonna make you say you love me…way, way down down.. We can see the stars at point blank range but from the ground is the view the same or is that seem strange… I’m gonna make you say you love me… way down

In Case it doesn’t work out

– OHHH….waiting for your love.. ooh…dude you sound desperate, what if you get rejected, now you sitting on the strangest border between true love and restraining order..maybe she’s not that into you.

Here it goes, if I hear “no”, im gonna sit for two weeks feeling like a weirdo.. it will be awkward when i see you…  ( S0 true, I have like this so much.. u must think i’m so kind of weirdo)

…. but wait, if she says “yes” -> Alternative Ending

In case I actually get her.

– This is it… Happy Ending… (btw, the guitar in this is crazy awesome and the vocal, youuuuu)

Spend my days, Spend my life, Spend my time thinking of you. in my face, in my life, in my mind. DO you think of me toooo????

The problem with overthinking is you create solutions for the good and bad. I thought this whole thing through for you. So if we end up together or you get a restraining order. It’s cool. I just don’t want to be awkward when I see you. There I got it off my chest.

Take this song as a just in case, as a just in case….

Only youuuuuuuu. youuuuuuuuuuu youuuuu.. AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!! LOL


There you go.. Back to listening… Round 7 or is it 8?

peace v(-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on February 14, 2009.

One Response to “Getting into the Awkwardness!!”

  1. ko0l i like this mixtape

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