You can have whatever you like lol

Ponder this for a second..

“Guys know how to sexually pleasure a guy more because they know what he as a guy likes.” Same situations for girls. PAUSE..

This is a point that someone tried to convince me tonight.

I see his point. It makes sense but my view is this: You give a man a Nissan and he wants a Nissan, he will gladly take the Nissan. But, if you give him a Ford, and he wants a Nissan, then he’s not happy.

My point of the night is even though one be overall better in one’s eyes it is the receiver who must decide in the end.

Agree or Disagree?? Both points are mad legit.

Lol, Whatever I’m out. Shoutout to dude, mad cool and funny, haha.

<_< Why was I even having this convo, lol . It’s all good >_> (random trains of thought)

Peace v(-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on February 6, 2009.

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