Docomo E-Paper

Docomo, one of Japan’s leading mobile company, has been researching the use of E- paper in their cellular phones. E-paper, developed by SiPix Imaging, is “paper which uses small chambers, called microcups that are filled with white particles and a colored liquid, allowing the E-paper to display two colors.”  As explained by a Docomo employee, the e-paper keypad can change its layout based on the user’s current needs or application. Docomo’s plan for mobile devices with E-paper is to increase ease of use amongst different user groups. For instance, Japanese characters would be entered based on the letters of the alphabet, but with E-paper, one can switch to use the characters instead.

Beside the uses mentioned by the Docomo employees, there are other ones that come to mind. One other example is a gaming application. When one is about to play a game, the keypad can be switched to display the controls rather than numbers. Overall, this is an interesting innovation and a step forward in mobile technology. E-paper offers a fluid alternative to the current stagnant keypad or a touchscreen. Currently, due to further research and testing, there are no Docomo products available with this technology. But in the future, it will be interesting to see where this goes.

For more information and original reference, view this :

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~ by bboydomo on February 5, 2009.

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