Serious Japanese Review


After listening twice in a row, I would say that album is a solid sophomore release from the Teriyaki Boyz.

In comparison to their first album, Beef and Chicken, I would say Serious Japanese has a more contempary/ futuristic sound (oxymoron , anyone lol) . Both are sprinkled with the awesome teriyaki flavor but Beef and Chicken sounds more futuristic old school ( another oxymoron <_<)  ( Hopefully, you understand what I mean, maybe its a difference in production on each album excluding the commom factor Pharrell)

Overall, I like it and comparisons don’t matter. Both have the Teriyaki flavor that I am used to. So…yea.

Oh yea, If you are wondering how I obtained the album, let’s say megaupload is quite useful. (what <_<… sorry,  I am not buying CDs from Japan for 3800- 4800 yen (over priced, that’s like 50 dollars US and with our current economy, probably more..Hurry Obama.) The album is supposedly set to release in the US in March and will probably be way lower than $50.I will get it then, but until March ( Arghhh, Pirates anyone).

peace v(-_-)v

~ by bboydomo on January 30, 2009.

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