Breastfeeding on Facebook

Check this out.

Another issue concerning social networking and privacy. The issue here is moms are protesting against Facebook for taking down their photos of them breast feeding their babies. In my opinion, I am torn between both sides.

The Mothers:
I understand they want to share pictures and memories with their friends of their little ones sucking on their boobs. After all, the concept of Facebook and other Social Networking sites are excellent for this.

But on the other hand,

They clearly state in their policies that such images are not allowed, vulgar or not. Also, because it’s on Facebook site, they have the ability to control what data can be displayed. I don’t necessarily know why Facebook is blocking it but the idea of protecting the mothers from those who may misuse the photos or avoid association or promotion of “pornographic material” seems to be valid.

Overall, I feel the mothers should be able to share their pictures. Breastfeeding is natural and accepted in public. Then again, I don’t work at Facebook. My suggestion: Return to e-mailing photos to friends or host them somewhere else.

~ by bboydomo on December 31, 2008.

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