The Pink LavaLamp Review

Pink Lavalamp

Pink Lavalamp

This is wayyyyyyyyyyy over due. So, here it is my review  , song by song.

Pink Lavalamp – Charles Hamitlon

1. Music- “Music is the only love”. This song hits you from the start and breaks the trend of starting albums with a 2 minute intro.

Fav Line:

If I like that on your necklace, Imma buss shot, go shine on your necklace
Drop top sped off before them hot shots let off
Now your ass can’t wear shine your neckless

2. Loser- ” I once was the loser, now I’m older and still the loser, that’s why I look so different to you. You see the past, I see the future.”

This beat is crazy and I can really relate to this.

Fav line: This isn’t a verse man, this is beat abuse. Tape up the microphone before I leave the booth.

3. She’s So High- ” She’s so High, She reach the sky “. The same of TelepopMusik- “Breathe” is so sick here. This song is crazy. I would play this at a club.

4. Voices- “It just voices, all I hear in my head are these voices.” Currently, this is my favorite song.

Fav line: “Life’s a bitch. what is touching me for. I think its time we got a fucking divorce, I don’t love her no more.”

5. Boy who Cried Wolf- “But you don’t want to believe  me.” Another sick song.

Fav Line: “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot. Yea, fo’real my high school crush was hot.”

6. Let me Live- I don’t much to say about this because  I wasn’t feeling it

7. Brighter Days- “There will be brighter days.” Another Sick track.

8. The Cookout- Nice, calm track but I wasn’t feeling this one neither.

9. Sat(t)elite- “You are my Satellite.” Nice track for your significant other

Fav Line: Love is blind, then I’m Stevie Wonder

10. Live life to the Fullest-“I got my swag and I won’t fall” Nice Track. Real Smooth

Fav Line:  “I’m fresh in pink like a baby born in a pool of peptol

11. Come back to you- ” I will always comeback to you.” Another love based track. Real Deep.

12. Latte- “Pick a drug, any drug , yea I did it.” Hard track. Its also deeep as well.

Fav Line: “You think Robin Hood would be robbin in the hood.”

13. Shinin- “Shinin, I’m a Diamond.” This was actually his suicide song

Fav Line: “I was born with more songs than trey. Wrote a song today. No childhood like Jon Benet

14.  I’ll be around- “When ever you call me…” Nice, SOulful track.

15. Writing in the Sky- “You’re a genius in the sky.” Great way to end the great album

Fav Line: “They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend…They say a dog is a man’s best friend. I guess my bitch has diamond flea collar necklace.”

Overall, this album was. Album of the Year quality. To get an understanding of each track from Charles himself
read here:

Download the album here:


~ by bboydomo on December 21, 2008.

One Response to “The Pink LavaLamp Review”

  1. great review. i agree. except let me live is my song lol

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