PlayStation Home

Playstation Home

Playstation Home

Sorry for this overdue review of PlayStation Home, I have been busy with Finals for school. Now that I am done, I will give my review of PlayStation Home (as if you cared lol). First off, Home is similar to Second Life, in which users can an avatar and can explore virtual worlds while customizing themselves or their surroundings. Compared to Second Life, Home looks a lot better so far. The major problem right now is that is still in Beta. The Beta is still limited. Allow me to walk you through different things you can do or I have do so far in PlayStation Home.

Decorate your House:
Yes, you actually have your own house ( with a bed and couches as well)
You can change your wallpaper and add furniture or rearrange them. You also have a wonderful balcony where you have an awesome view of the never changing ocean. (WOW!)

Central Plaza:
This is one of the places where most of the action goes down. I have down various things here.
1. Engage in a dance battle- With Home’s preprogrammed selection of animated dances, users can battle it out.
(Even though, we are doing the same moves)
2. Sit – Just choose the animation to sit and tada! You can now chill and listen to the good ambient music.
3. Stare at the Twilight movie poster (why is this here?? O_o)

Unless you are willing to spend real money on virtual items, there isn’t much to see. ( I’m not <_<)
1. Go to the Furniture store
2. Go to the Clothing store
3. Go to the Accessory store
4. Go upstairs and repeat steps 1-3. ( lol, that’s right, they have the same stores upstairs and downstairs)
Besides that, the mall actually looks amazing with mall music playing in the background. Oh yeah, you can also sit at stare at the fountain just like in real life or go upstairs and watch game trailers.

The arcade is pretty cool but you have to wait in line to do things just like in real life.
1. Play Arcade machines
– Echochrome- Good port of the PSP version- You can win an Outfit from playing ( I did)
– Ice Breaker- Like Brick Breaker except the bricks are ice- You can win shirts and stuff
.. The other games are not worth discussing
2. Play Bowling – Never done this because I’m not waiting for other to finish their game in a virtual world. I’m already impatient in the real world.
3. Play Pool- Same issue here.
4. Dance Battle
5. Follow girls around- you can do this anywhere, but I choose to do it here. I don’t talk to them. I just walk behind them until they say something (this is not smart, I believe majority of the girls are guys…. not that I’m try to get with them though.. it’s just funny)

1. Download Namco Beta and win more stuff- You need a Japanese account for this
2. Go to Uncharted world
3. Go the other game world ( forgot the name because I never went)

There , that’s all I have. I’m sure others have found more enjoyment by being creative or looking for more stuff to do. Luckily, this is just a Beta, so I except Sony to beef this up. Otherwise, it has been enjoyable so far, I would give it a 8 out of 10, with hope for more in the future.

Note: you can also communication (obviously) through bluetooth headset. Just like Second Life, I might hold conferences with classmate in the central plaza. We can share our conversations with the whole world (… jk)

~ by bboydomo on December 17, 2008.

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