GirlTalk at Penn State

Hmm… where should I start? I will try my best to organize my thoughts but this could lead to a rant. Sorry if it does.


Thursday Night, after studying for my upcoming finals, I decided to go check out GirlTalk with my friends. Now, let me mention one thing, before my friend called me to go, I was never planning on going, I didn’t even know who GirlTalk was. All I know was we (RAM Squad) were suppose to open up for him, but that was cancelled. So, anyway, I went and now I waiting in line with my friend somewhere near the entrance ( pretty good spot).

So we both continue to wait on other friends to arrive as well as this show to get started. Well, 9:45 rolls around and the line starts to move. This is where is the problem comes in….

The back half of the line all decided to cut to the front (wtf) and at the same time I’m looking for my friends who just showed up. Once I found them, i tried to get back in line (lol bad idea). As we headed back, this random chick starts blocking me and not letting me by. She decides to keep pushing me and getting smart with me. Even more, she had the nerves to take my hat and throw it. (Breathe Joey Breathe… I was this close to tossing my Redbull on her). So now, I have people mocking and pushing me. ( Count to 10…its not working) I decided that this chick wasn’t going to stand in my way (in the words of Knuckles, no one stops my feet). I picked up my hat and barged right past her and her guy friends like a NFL running back as the chants of ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE sung through the crowd. Needless to say, I was back in my original spot in line.

So now, it is time to go in and everyone is pushing. When it was our turn to get in, they said they reached the limit.
(Great, not only did I not plan to come, I came and I wasted time). Funny thing, the girl that was pushing me, she didn’t get in neither and she left crying (haha, karma son, I can say that because I didn’t care whether I got in or not; after all, I didn’t even know who GirlTalk was)

Overall, this was badly planned. In the end, the HUB was trashed with a hole in the wall (made by an angry student), displeased students, and cases of Red Bull.

Suggestions: SOMA should be ashamed. They could have handled this way better .
1. No Red Bull- College students waiting impatiently for a show +Red Bull = A bunch of crazy people. This is not so bad but it could have help a bit

2. Organize the line- I was at the T.I. concert last weekend and it was no where as out of hand as this was. There were no barriers. that’s why the whole back half of the line was able to cut towards the front.

Finally, most importantly
3. Use some sort of counter ( there’s at least 2 choices here)
a. yes , I know it is a free show open to the public, but that is part of the problem. SOMA, aware of the capacity limit, should have given out tickets during the week .
b. Some may say they couldn’t anticipate what happened but I say be prepared. At the time, they noticed the line being extended, they should have started in the front and hand out tickets equivalent to the capacity amount. (DUH)

Anyway, it’s 4 am on Saturday Morning. I’m done here. I completely wasted my time that day

Just for the record: I looked up GirlTalk. All he does is remix songs. (OMG OMG OMG) I don’t see the big deal <_<. It was because he was Pittsburgh native that there was so much ruckus. T.I. is more famous and there was a lot more proper control and behavior amongst the fans.

I rest my case. Good Night. Peace

~ by bboydomo on December 13, 2008.

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