T.I. at Penn State BJC

Sorry, I haven’t blogging in a while. Like I said, I can be easily sidetracked.

Anyway, today I went to the concert with friends of mine. We had the best spots in concert and we could practically touch T.I. Allow me to re-cap how we managed to be so lucky and have a good time

Sunday Dec.7

1:00pm ( 6 hours prior to gates opening)
– I decide to go camp out. My friends and I would switch shifts but I was up first for two in the freezing cold ( at most 25 degrees). When I arrived, no one was there >_<, but I stayed and endured the weather while studying English

2:15 ( 4 hrs and 45 min left)
– With a hour left until my shift was up, I decided to start dancing around but that didn’t help. I was quickly wounded and forced to sit and endure the pain of my freezing feet.

3:15 (3 hrs and 45min left)
– No sign of my replacement and I’m still the only person in line….. at 3:30, my friend arrives and we decide we should leave and come back (semi-bad idea)

4:30 ( 2 hrs and 30 min left)
– We get back to the gates and there are three girls standing at one of the entrances (whew!) Next thing you know, there was a group of people moving their tent towards a different entrance. I wasn’t about to lose, so I hopped out the car and I ran right in front of them. (1st place baby!) . Now the rest is a waiting game. My second friend was suppose to relieve my other friend and I at 5:15 but he was running late also. Therefore, my first friend and i switched shifts every 15 mins.

5:30 (1 hr and half left)
– My second friend finally arrived. We told him to hold our spot while everyone else went to eat.

6:15 (45 mins left)
– I received a call from my second friend say that they moved everyone back from the gate and he was no longer in 1st (WTF!!!!!)

6:30 ( 30 mins left)
– Finished food and we jetted. Once we got there, I cut the line towards my friend. Because people saw me there since 1, we were let back into 1st place. ( yea, show some respect)

6:59 ( 1 min left)
– All my friends are present and we are in perfect positions to get to the doors. The problem is that we had to race to the door, so I could lose my 1st place. ( <_<, we will see about that )

– The Ticket woman scans me for metal stuff. I pass and off to the door I ran. Success! (still 1st Place). So now, we are waiting for them to open the doors, but all of a sudden, people started rushing the door without get scanned.

– The ushers got angry and started screaming at everyone. They then decided to re scan everyone and send them to another entrance ( Damn, lost my 1st place again)

– Rescanned and we were about to head to the back of the line, but the people in the front noticed me and they knew how long I was waiting, so they let us cut ( 3rd place this time, lol, better than 56th place )

– Doors open and we get scanned it. From there on, it was like Black Friday and I was Sonic the Hedgehog. First, we had to pick up our wristbands and then head down stairs. After all this speeding, we successfully made to the ground. Our spot of choice, front of the stage to the left. (we could touch the stage, and there was no one in front of us. I say that was 1st place again)

– We are at our spot on the floor and I had to pee, so I jetted back upstairs and to the bathroom. On the way back, I decided to hop a flight of stairs to speed up. The usher saw and made me turn around and walk back down. Besides that, I still made it back to our first place spot.

– The concert finally starts and it was amazing. It was cool to see Kardinal Offishall and especially T.I. from such a close range (I touched their hands as well).

In the end it was very successful. ( Kage mane no justu. Seikou!!!)

Peep the pics to see how close we were.
Kardinal Offishall
T.I 2


~ by bboydomo on December 8, 2008.

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  2. thanks

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