My thoughts on Election day

First off, Congrats to Obama, and better luck next time McCain.

I will keep this semi-short. I will now proceed to grow an Afro because I made a pact with myself to do so, if Obama wins. Now for post thoughts.

1. I was shocked when I turned the TV on at 9:30 and saw that Obama already had 209.

2. Now, that he has won, I have been checking statuses on Facebook. I ask can you people please stop having “OMG WE’RE DOOMED” moments, and let history take its course. We should all be supportive of Obama like McCain mentioned because we can’t turn back the hand of time. ( but we can use holograms during Press Conferences on CNN)

3. Now, I don’t have to walk around with people trying to push their presidential initiatives in my face.

4. Just for the record, if McCain won, I was going to move to Japan. (lol, I still might)

Good Luck, Obama. You will need it.

~ by bboydomo on November 5, 2008.

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