Halloween Weekend

Despite public belief to have a good time through drinking, I must say I managed to have a good Halloween without it. On Halloween day, Friday, I was unable to go out, due to my responsibilities as a RA (boo!). Luckily, I used all this time to finish homework and take a slight attempt at building an Iphone App.

Saturday, on the other hand, after finishing more work, I decided to dress up since I didn’t not get to, the day before. My friend originally planned to be gangsters from the 1920’s. In the end, my costume ended up looking like RUN DMC because of Track Jacket. To top it off, I had a domo kun head custom made from a cardboard box. That night, I was walking aroud with a box in my hand, and I decided to check out the Dance competition that one of great RAM Squad leaders was participating in. Originally, I was only planning to watch, until I was convinced to go break in dress shoes and a box in hand in front of at least 100 people ( something I never done before, not to mention my noobness). Luckily, I found a place to put my box, and at half time, we took the stage and killed it !( for about 5 mins, they cut us off because they were running behind schedule <_<)Did I mention Status Quo from ABDC was there. Some of us got pictures with them. (Sweetness). On a side note, during  Status Quo performance they kicked a hole in our wall trying to back flip. (wtf, lol, someone is going to have to pay for that)

Afterward, we watched the Texas vs Texas Tech Game. Good job Texas Tech, but wtf with them getting 1st in the BCS, Penn State should have moved up. After the game, I walked around and ended up with some other friends. While were walking, we ran into a Pikachu. I tried to catch it but it turned out to be a person in an awesome, official Pikachu costume. After all this and walking around, I called it a night,  a very good one at that.

~ by bboydomo on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “Halloween Weekend”

  1. I love Domo kun. So pretty.

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